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Central purpose

Generate greater welfare to citizens by recognizing promptly and according to the law the pension obligations of the average premium plan in charge of the public entities of the national order which are or have been liquidated. Also, by mean of building a solid culture of compliance in the payments of the contributions to the social protection system, in order to contribute to the development of the country.

Challenging Objective

UGPP will be recognized in 2018 as a model entity because of the values that owns and reflects, because of the quality of the services in pensions and parafiscal charges and because of the support to transform the behavior of citizens, creating a high level of confidence in the entity and impacting positively to the country.


  1. Transparency. We operate correctly with transparent behavior without exception, ensuring that our actions are governed by the rules and regulations.
  2. Respect. We accept the differences of others, understand their actions and are consistent in front of them.
  3. Honesty. We are characterized because of a right conduct, which leads us to behave with consistency and sincerity, following the rules and commitments outlined.
  4. Loyalty. We are faithful to the principles and values acquired with ourselves and with the entity, standing them firm over time.


  • Orientation to the citizen. The citizen is very important to us, so, we maintain an attitude of availability and support and we are committed to provide high quality services.
  • Orientation to the result. We accomplish our goals and commitments with opportunity and quality, through teamwork and effective effort.
  • Reliability. We act truthfully, with authenticity and clarity.
  • Objectivity. Our decisions are fair and adjusted to the law.
  • Simplicity. We make it easy to make things right.

Strategic Objectives

Groups Of Interest

1. Have a determination and timely payments of pension obligations adjusted to the law.

2. Reduce avoidance and evasion in parafiscal charges and help to improve the system's portfolio indicators.


3. Reach the strengthening of the defense of the interests of the state in pensions and parafiscal charges.

4. Lead proposals for improvement and unification of initiatives in pensions and parafiscal charges.

5. Design and implement an operational model for excellence, from some automated processes, integrated, effective, manageable online and shielded against corruption.

7. Effectively manage relationships with citizens in order to continuously improve their levels of satisfaction.

Resources Administration

8. Provide the resources necessary to achieve compliance objectives.

9. Arrange and provide the information necessary to achieve compliance objectives.

10. Manage the resources in an efficient way, under a positive relation cost-benefit.

Learning, Knowledge And Infrastructure

11. Achieve the comprehensive and effective engagement of UGPP employees.

12. Build a culture and an organizational climate required by the entity to achieve its objectives.

13. Strengthen the UGPP as the public entity preferred to work.

14. Enhance the system's capabilities through the use of technology

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